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Your Home’s Exterior and First Impressions

How Your Home’s Exterior May Ruin a Buyer’s First Impressions

By Devonia DeBeck

Often buyers start their home search by jumping in the car and driving to their favorite areas to prescreen neighborhoods.  When it comes to purchasing a home, most buyers actually judge a book (your home) by its cover (your home’s curbside appearance). Buyers often believe that the outside of your home tells them what they are going to see on the inside. 

Many realtors can tell you that buyers have been known to NOT WANT TO GET OUT OF THE CAR if the outside of the seller’s home does not look promising. 

I tell home sellers and realtors, not to overlook the presence of the outside of a home, especially if they are installing a, ‘Coming Soon’, sign on the front lawn. Everything about the outside of your home should get buyers salivating to see your home. It should inspire calls to the listing agent, or their own agent, asking how soon can they see your home?

It is important to start the buyer’s viewing of your home with nothing but ‘great expectations. So a manicured lawn, clean and decluttered front exterior, and a front door punctuated with welcoming décors, such as a new welcome mat and a seasonal flower arrangement,  all tell the purchaser that your home has the potential to be something special.  

Remember, it can be a lost opportunity if a buyer has a negative first impression of your home from just seeing its exterior. Show them that you mean business and that your home is worthy of being on the top of their offer list. If you’d like a copy of our make a great impression seller’s home exterior checklist.

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