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Selling Vacant Homes

Why Vacant Homes Earn LESS Money

By Devonia DeBeck

Here is what I tell sellers who are not sure if they should stage an empty room. Buyers spend less time in a vacant home when looking at properties, and notably, spend more time talking about things they don’t like about a home or room because they can see flaws, whether big or small, more easily when a room is empty.

It’s also difficult for potential buyers to envision the size of beds that will fit in a bedroom room or if their furniture will indeed fit in space at all. I especially find this for condos, as bedrooms and living space often feel so small that if you do not stage them with a bed, nightstands, or sofas, buyers will most likely feel the room is too small.

Also, buyers are more likely to be emotionally connected to homes that are thoughtfully presented. A staged home stimulates their imagination with what’s possible in that space. In my time as a realtor, I know the signs that a buyer is interested in the home before they tell me. They linger in rooms, they start talking about how they will decorate the home, they ask each other where they would place their own furniture in the space. They have many compliments for the staging and updates. They see more clearly the home’s best features.

But staging a home is not just for home sellers alone. Staging a rental home can also send the right message to potential tenants; that this landlord has high standards, is professional, is mostly going to charge more, and may be very picky. Don’t forget that vacant homes also tend to stay longer on the market, attract bargain hunter clients, and in many cases earn less income.

I think selling a house is sort of like getting married. You can go to city hall and spend very little to be married, but many of us opt for spending thousands of dollars because it elevates our emotional connection to the special day. Staging does the same; elevates the buyer’s emotional connection and willingness to spend more, to purchase or rent your home.

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