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Key to Flipping a New Build

How to Flip a New Build When the Builder is Still Selling Units

By Devonia DeBeck

After a candid conversation with my client, we knew we had to be strategic if we were going to pull buyers away from the builder. This home had so many great features, but reselling a home while the builder had similar homes for sale, would require a thoughtful home showcasing strategy.

This home was very spacious and without furniture felt very cold and impersonal. It also boasts an upstairs loft which the homeowner opted for, instead of an added bedroom. Empty, the loft could feel like wasted space, for those who prefer larger bedrooms. We staged a room conversational space that felt like an upstairs living room. It added a wow factor as it greeted buyers at the top of the stairs on the bedroom level. An unexpected surprise.

Here are some tips to get buyers emotionally connected.

  1. Do your best to at least stage rooms important to buyers, such as kitchens, dining spaces, living room, and master suite.
  2. Enhance transition spaces keep the buyer’s attention at peak level. Also, an entry is a part of your first impression, so pay special attention to this space.
  3. If there are any rooms that feel small, stage it so buyers see it as a functional space.
  4. Set a budget to invest in some of the details that are upgrades or the builder is not offering, such as upgraded appliances, adding a backsplash, painting walls with quality paint.
  5. Note that you’ve paid for a new air conditioner or even fenced the yard if it’s not offered by the builder.

All these details can add up for buyers, and sway those who are not keen on waiting for a builder to build a new home. A beautifully appointed home is one of your best investments to driving great results when flipping homes.

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