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Your Second Chance at a First Impression

By Devonia DeBeck

While your curb appeal may be the first impression for potential buyers who drive by your home, I always say, ‘The front entryway is your second shot at a first impression. ‘IT TAKES 6 SECONDS’ for a buyer to makes up their mind if they are going to like your home. I have also found that it takes a lot more effort for a realtor to change that buyer’s mind once they have made their initial assessment. But a good first impression gets your buyer excited and anxious to see what other dazzling gems are around the corner of your home.

In the 2021’s Profile on Staging Report, put out by the National Associations of Realtors (NAR), they reported that, “82% of buyer agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. Without a doubt, “How you present your home really matters.”

IT TAKES 6 SECONDS for a buyer to make up their mind if they are going to like your home.

Clients are going to use 3 of their 5 senses upon entering your home. Sight: Is the entry clutter-free; no shoes, coats, and bags on wall hooks, is every room from that vantage point clean and interesting. Smell: does the house smell clean and have no attention-grabbing smells such as pet odors, garbage smells, cooking smells, or too strongly scented sprays and candles. Touch: does the floor feel clean and in good repair.

It is important to keep the entry feeling as roomy as possible so upon entering, the agent and the buyers can all fit in the entry with ease. Your stager will guide you on how to beautifully punctuate the space without overcrowding it. And remember, the front entry is your chance to start and end a buyer’s visit, thinking great things about your home.

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