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A Surprise for His Bride

Here’s What She Saw When She Returned Home From Vacation

By Devonia DeBeck

Most men wouldn’t dare make a major decorating change to their home without consulting their partner first. But my brave client was overjoyed by the idea of giving his bride of over 20 years, a total transformation of an empty living room.

This room stayed mostly empty for a year with the exception of a piano, antique chair, and a tall china cabinet. The only updates my client made prior to contacting me was installing new hardwood floors and painting the walls soft teal.

When creating a space without the involvement of a loved one, it is important to start gathering information about their personal likes, style, and wish list. It is also important to know what they don’t like, such as colour. Don’t forget to note any special pieces they may have collected over the years and want to add.

For this client, she loved antiques, and always wanted a restful reading and music room. We found a few special quilts, on our secret house tour. We placed it in a decorative basket beside the sofa to house the beautiful quilts.

When my client’s wife returned home from vacation, she was speechless and overjoyed to see her newly decorated living room. It was a beautiful way to declare his love for his bride. A surprise she will never forget.

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